BALTECH - official representative of the CSI 2140 Asset Performance Ma (Санкт-Петербург) - Разное

BALTECH - the official representative for the supply of the analyzer CSI program in 2140 and Asset Performance Management. Generated by the program parameters alarm can be automatically exported to a program of Asset Performance Management, in which they are combined with other types of equipment parameters, together creating an overall picture of the technical condition of the equipment of the enterprise. Trend analyzes can give a rough estimate of the remaining life of the machine. Evaluation is done by approximation of the measurement results on the individual points of the mechanism and build regression trend line. Date of intersection of the regression line of the upper threshold is taken as the date of withdrawal of the machine in for repair. To open a trending mode, select this machine in the hardware tree. In the context menu tree equipment (or the context menu schemes machine), select the appropriate option.


Телефон (812) 335-00-85

Город Санкт-Петербург

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