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The company BALTECH developed the new 2-channel balancing device BALTECH VP-3470 series. The device is designed for express vibration diagnostics as well as for static and dynamic rotor balancing.
Let’s discuss e.g. one-plane dynamic rotor balancing.
There are two approaches to machine balancing for several balancing planes.
1) Within the first approach each balancing plane must be concerned separately. At first the minimum vibration level of the first balancing is achieved by fixing of balancing masses. If required vibration level is not achieved, the obtained vibration level will be considered as initial and the vibration level of the second balancing plane is to be minimized by fixing of balancing masses. And so for all balancing planes, till the required result will be achieved.
2) Within the second approach machine runs occur with fixed test masses on each balancing plane, and then balancing masses for all balancing planes are calculated. Theoretically the first as well as he second approaches cause the rest vibration. The difference between them is the following: the first way is easier, but within it you will put excess weights; the second way is more complicated, but it allows creating an optimal system of balancing masses with a minimum influence on vibration level of each other at the same measurement point.
So one-plane balancing can be conducted in two cases:
- if the machine has only one balancing plane;
- if the machine has several plane, but for balancing the first balancing method is used.
With the new system for rotor balancing BALTECH VP-3470 series these two approaches can be introduced. Buying the system you can get free training by our technical specialists for dynamic and static balancing. First training can be organized on your enterprise or in our offices. We recommend working directly with producers in order to reduce the number of your technical questions about balancing principles.

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