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How much does balancing of abrasive wheels cost? How to reduce balanci (Санкт-Петербург)

Предложение (продажа)

How much does balancing cost? Costs for balancing in own bearings of one machine are equal to labor costs for a balancing specialist. E.g. balancing of 100 grinding or impeller wheels will cost 20 euro. For balancing of grinding wheels we recommend using the weighing-machine BALTECH WM. A part, a wheel or a disc is installed on the machine. The installation is very precise. Electronic scale of the machine indicates unbalance and its value. This machine is also called as scales for static balancing.
For balancing and diagnostics we recommend using the new system BALTECH VP-3470. You have to install a laser tachometer and a vibration sensor on a vibration measurement point.
Vibration measurement points will be chosen based on the following:
а) first of all you have to control vibration level on bearings, because exactly the units take dynamic forces from rotor unbalance in full. Measurement is (mostly) performed vertically and crosswise, it means radially to a rotor axis. It makes sense to conduct balancing with BALTECH VP-3470 according to measurement results on points (and in directions), where vibration level is maximum. In this case balancing costs and price will be minimum.
б) for balancing quality control it is necessary to check vibration level before and after balancing on standard measurement points according to the recommendation of the company BALTECH for reduction of balancing costs;
в) additional measurement points can be chosen due to individual requirements to a machine according to its vibration behavior (e.g. balancing of wheels, cylinders and rotors).
If axial vibration level of a rotor is the same as or exceeds radial (vertical or cross) vibration level, it means, that first of all you have to align the shaft axis with the device BALTECH SA-4000, and then to consider necessity of balancing. In this case balancing costs will be minimum.
In each case chosen vibration measurement points are to be marked to save numbering and trending in points for next measurements. Otherwise vibration and technical condition monitoring loses its significance.

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